<h1>La Torre SpA - Textile Manufactures - Manifatture Tessili<h1> <h2>Wool Factory - Lanificio</h2> <h3>Exclusively Made in Italy</h3> <section> <p>La Torre was born in the seventies in Prato, cradle of the textile creativity. Through the years, we follow the trend of the market always keeping our identity and tradition as base of our changements.</p> <p>Today La Torre is a very well known company, boasting a worldwide presence through an efficient staff of representative offices over the world.</p> <p>Our fabrics are exclusively MADE IN ITALY.</p> <p>OUR POWER IS INNOVATION AND HIGH QUALITY.</p> </section> <section> Chief Executive: Magelli Alberto<br/> Commercial: Senior Merchandiser - Sili Serena<br/> Back Office - Chiti Meri<br/> Chief Financial Dept: Nunziati Mariano<br/> </section> <footer> Via Toscana, 84/B - 59100 Prato (PO) ITALY<br/> Phone: +39 0574 620014 - Fax: +39 0574 730246 </footer>