Manifatture La Torre: the company

Our vision for a sustainable future

At La Torre we know we don't have a planet B.
We believe that every single little step of progress is still an helping progress

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Sustainable fabrics for the planet we care

We are working to give a contribution so that our business goes hand in hand with the environmental safeguard.

We are working for monitoring and controlling all chemical products necessary during textile production process in order to reduce as much as possible the utilisation of hazardous chemical substances.
Our partnership choices are more and more oriented in favour of raw material and services suppliers certified and in turn to apply sustainability rules.

Logo Manifatture Tessili La Torre - Our power is innovation and high quality

Global Recycled Standard

Our production is oriented to increase the use of Recycled Fibers like wool, nylon and polyester.
GRS has been recognized as the most important international standard for the sustainable production of garments and textile products made from recycled materials.
The recycled material use become essential to guarantee a textile production low overall impact on natural resource and safeguard environmental balance. LA TORRE is GRS certificated, all our production can be GRS certified on request
Download Global Recycled Standard Certification

European Flax Linen Suppliers
Logo Manifatture Tessili La Torre - Our power is innovation and high quality

Linen Fibers

We are part of the suppliers pool of European Flax Linen Certification (
We can guarantee the total transparency about our Linen origin and the environment-friendly production of our
Linen fabrics (Zero Irrigation, Zero GMO, Zero Waste).
Our production chain is periodically verified by Bureau Veritas certification
Download European Flax Linen Certification

Wool fibers

Our Wool almost comes from RWS (Responsible Wool Standard) and Non-Mulesing certified farmers.
In this way we are able to guarantee to our customers the exact origin of the wool, as well as the well being of animals and the correct shearing procedure.

Manifatture La Torre: Sustainability

The traceability of the entire production process
is the fundamental basic requirement of Sustainable Production.

Full traceability

We monitor every process of production

with the aid of a dedicated informatic system, and with a very organized system of storage and handling warehouse operation.

Our workers attend every year training courses to be updated and ready to apply the necessary traceability rules.
We are able to show to our customers all production details even of one specific roll of their order.

Full traceability

Our Traceability system in few steps

1 - Classification of every new article through specific data sheets.
2 - Identification of every single lot of incoming raw material through informatic award procedure of unique lot number, associated to documents showing details of incoming material.
3 - Unique identification of every single next production process, including spinning/weaving/dyeing/finishing.
4 - Classification of used chemical products in compliance with ZDHC rules.
5- Unique identification of every single fabric roll we ship.

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